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Vet Tech Level Two: Youngstock

This course offers delegates the chance to develop good overall understanding of heifer rearing systems on dairy farms and calf rearing units, and to illustrate the ways in which a Vet Tech service can engage in this area.

Duration: One day

Who simply MUST attend?

Any Vet Tech who is looking to work with aspects of youngstock related services.

What’s different about this course?

This is the only course for Vet Techs which builds a good understanding of youngstock and husbandry systems.

What changes can delegates expect as a result of the course?

  • Confidence to understand youngstock systems on a farm-by-farm basis and the ability to translate this understanding into your practical role.
  • Solid knowledge of youngstock rearing targets and ability to benchmark farms.
  • A better understanding of common health problems on farm and how to recognise these.

What are the likely benefits to the business?

  • Support confidence and understanding of your Vet Tech team.
  • Build resource in practice capable of monitoring youngstock on farm.

Programme overview:

  • Appreciate the importance of the pre-calving period to successful heifer rearing outcomes and how to assess this on farm.
  • Develop knowledge of pre and post weaning calf nutrition.
  • Contribute to environmental assessment.
  • List the common health challenges of the calf.
  • Know the physical rearing targets for heifers and how to implement practical performance monitoring on farm.
  • Appreciate how financial targets fit with physical targets.
  • Design a heifer rearing program supported by Vet Techs.