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Vet Tech Level Two: Fertility & Reproduction

This course is designed to build a foundation of technical skills in reproduction for Vet Techs. The course encompasses a DEFRA approved A.I qualification as well as building additional Vet Tech specific skills. Delegates may use the skills not only to work as an A.I or breeding technician but might also engage as a supporting training on practice DIY A.I training, or even as a starting point to develop within an Embryo transfer team.

Duration: Three days

Who simply MUST attend?

Any Vet Tech who wishes to work within aspects of reproduction services on farm. The course is also ideal for vets who have recently graduated who are looking to build skills on practical reproductive skills.

What is different about this course?

The only course the combines a recognised AI training course with tailored subject matter around the delivery of repro technician services on farm.

What are the changes delegates can expect as a result of the course?

  • A DEFRA approved AI qualification
  • A basic understanding measuring reproductive performance on farm
  • An understanding of practicalities of the delivery of repro-tech performances on farm

What are the likely benefits to the business?

  • Support the delivery of AI training within your practice
  • Diversify the role of your Vet Tech to include reproductive services

Programme overview:

  • Practical breeding management
  • The reproductive cycle of the cow
  • Basic bovine reproductive anatomy
  • The principles of heat detection
  • The theory and practice of A.I in cattle
  • The associated practical skills to safely inseminate a cow
  • Skills in semen handling, and safe and hygienic practice
  • How reproductive performance is monitored on farm
  • How the Vet Tech fits into reproduction on farm