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Having been on a previous soft tissue surgery day course, this was immensely better. The practicals were on cadavers and the lecturer was very informative, easy to listen to and gave us tips we can apply in general practice, where equipment may be limited.
Ruth Simmons, Paragon Veterinary Group
Great course and keen for the next two modules. Liked the way it was so open for discussion and lead a lot by us as the attendees.
Kieran Avery, Larkmead Veterinary Group
There was obviously a lot of time and effort put into these 3 days, so thank you.
Emily Denton, Shropshire Farm Vets
Best CPD I've attended since graduating (2009)!
Arne Vanhoudt, RVC
Excellent, enthusiastic and knowledgable trainers. Excellent course.
Alice Ryman, Glenthorne Veterinary Group
Very practical in the way they taught us new techniques. I’d definitely encourage other members of staff to attend the next one.
Natalie Parsons, Farm First Veterinary Services
Simply superb. Very stimulating.
Gareth Harries, Wright and Morten