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Small Animal Graduate Programme

The XLVets Graduate Development Programme for Small Animal Vets brings up to 12 graduates together to work as part of a team over the duration of the course and to complete a project together. Plenty of opportunity will be given to share experiences and develop contacts. Each graduate can also choose to be supported by a mentor from within XLVets, to help strengthen shared learning across the group.


Module 1:  Survival Skills

Trainers: Tim Hutchinson & Adrian Oliver

Venue: Oxfordshire

Included:  Managing Yourself, Managing in Practice, Finance & Time Management


Module 2: Emergency Management & Euthanasia

Trainer: Sarah Packman & Stuart Brown

Venue: Derbyshire

Included: How do I keep the Animal Alive?  & Other Common Emergencies


Module 3: Clinical Transition into Practice & Dermatology

Trainer: Shaun Sinclair & Paul Sands

Venue: Derbyshire

Included: Practical Pharmacology, Graduates in Action & Dermatology


Module 4: Feline Medicine & Lameness

Trainer: Sarah Packman & Tim Hutchinson

Venue: Oxfordshire

Included: Feline Medicine & Lameness


Optional Module 5: Intro to Ultrasound & Echocardiography

Trainer: Mark Overend

Venue: Powys