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This one day interactive and practical course is aimed at providing an introduction to intermediate mentoring skills. It includes pre-work to assess current status and personal objectives, and post workshop support to reinforce and implement learning.

Who simply MUST attend?

This programme is aimed at anyone working in practice, who has an opportunity to positively impact the performance of others by sharing the benefits of their knowledge, guidance and expertise.


What’s different about this course?

The programme incorporates a personal development element that enables a deeper understanding of the relationship between the mentor and mentee which, results in more productive and sustainable outcomes.

Briefly the course comprises: 

  • Principles of mentoring and contribution to personal and practice development
  • Foundations of the mentoring process
  • Developing a personal mentoring style
  • Building positive relationships
  • Learning and practicing key mentoring skills and tools
  • Evaluating mentoring effectiveness

What are the changes delegates can expect from attending?

  • Be able to provide unbiased, objective support to individuals who they value by identifying, guiding and nurturing talent
  • Be able to develop fruitful opportunities to share best practice
  • To understand the process for setting expectations and outcomes with a mentee and how to manage relationships

Benefits to the Business?

  • Identifying talented individuals and nurturing their growth – this positive investment will lead to deeper engagement, increased productivity and higher retention.
  • A drive to capture, measure and share best practice.
  • Increased evidence and awareness as a ‘Practice of choice’ for new recruits.
  • Valuable experience if recognised, retained and shared.