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Vet Tech Level Two: General Skills

Designed to provide attendees with a range of the practical skills most commonly used by Vet Techs in practice, we believe Vet Techs should have the confidence to hit the ground running and with appropriate support be able to commence delivery of these services on completion of the course.

Duration: Two days

Who simply MUST attend?

Any Vet Tech who is looking to gain general husbandry skills on farm.

What is different about this course?

This course is the only course to offer practical skills for Vet Techs in the support of husbandry tasks. It also offers a wide range of practical tasks most commonly deployed by Vet Techs within the XLVets group.

What changes can delegates expect as a result of the course?

It will build the practical foundation to offer wide ranging on farm practical services across;

  • Vaccination of livestock; cold chain management and safe administration
  • Disbudding,
  • Freeze branding,
  • Mobility scoring,
  • Body condition scoring,
  • Blood sampling,
  • Milking time,
  • Cow assessments,
  • Animal handling.

What are the likely benefits to the business?

  • Development of new business streams
  • Enhanced client bonding
  • Closer engagement of the vet team with the day-to-day running on farm
  • Increased client contact
  • Practical support of the medicines service and business within the practice