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Vet Tech Level One: Base Module

This course is the foundation piece supporting the Vet Tech programme within XLVets. It aims to inspire attendees with regards to the scope of Vet Techs as a career, foster ideas to progress Vet Tech services in practices, and to underpin the quality mark of XLVets by embedding understanding and skills around professional standards of all members of our clinical team. IMG_2266

Duration: One day

Who simply MUST attend?

All XLVets Vet Techs and those considering a career as an XLVets Vet Tech. This course is also suitable for anyone working in a farm practice who supports a clinical team of vets and vet techs.

What’s different about this course?

It is the only course designed to underpin the quality mark of Vet Techs in the UK and the only course that offers skills that support the best performance on farm to deliver the very best client services.

What are the changes delegates can expect as a result of the course?

  • Broadening of awareness of the scope of the UK Vet Tech role and how it can support your practiceVetTech
  • Increase confidence in farm interactions
  • Promote safer working practices
  • Enhanced knowledge of biosecurity and professional standards
  • An understanding of the regulatory framework within which you work

Benefits to the Business?

  • Demonstrable quality assurance of veterinary techniques
  • Improved confidence and enthusiasm of the Vet Tech team
  • Sharing of ideas with other practices and the development of this service and how to commercialise it

Course objectives:

  • Explore the scope of Vet Tech roles as part of the wider veterinary team by sharing ideas and experiences with fellow delegates and the trainer
  • Understand the legal framework that Vet Techs work in
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of biosecurity and why it is important in farm practice
  • Develop an understanding of what being a ‘good professional’ entails
  • Develop communication skills – especially around interaction with farmers sometimes under challenging circumstances
  • Keeping safe – through examining the behaviours that result in accidents or their avoidance on farm and building some skills in this area
  • Describe themselves as official XLVets Vet Techs


“Great discussions, everybody got involved.”

“I found the course very interesting and the trainers were great.”

“A very big thank you to the course vets who were a great help and spoke to us in layman terms which helped make us feel very much at ease when we thought we might be asking silly questions.”

“The trainers we excellent at explaining the skills on a level that was easy to understand. I have since practiced many of these skills back at our practice and I’m looking forward to starting on level two.”