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Feeding Fundamentals

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Duration: One day

Feeding Fundamentals: Milk from Grass
Duration: One day

Who simply MUST attend?

These courses are suitable for farm vets who feel their lack of knowledge on the non-vetty’ side of feeding cows, holds them back from getting involved in this subject on farm.

What’s different about the courses?

These are not clinical courses, they address the other side of nutrition on farm, the nuts and bolts of being the feed advisor.

What are the changes delegates expect as a result?

  • Enhanced confidence to engage with nutritional issues on farm
  • A greater understanding of different feeding systems
  • Increased understanding of the properties and value of different feeds
  • An ability to plan forage and feed requirements for a herd
  • A back to basics practical overview of feeding dairy cows

What are the likely benefits to the business?

  • Increased involvement in clinical and non-clinical nutrition work
  • Increased vet: client engagement
  • An insight into what offering a nutrition service would look like

Feeding Fundamental course objectives:

  • Demystify feed and farming systems
  • Construct a feed plan for a farm
  • Monitor this plan
  • Understand basic dairy costings

Feeding Fundamentals: Milk from GrassĀ 

This course follows on from Feeding Fundamentals, the grazing module provides an understanding of pasture management, and you leave able to perform calculations on farm to generate discussion and engage clients.

This course covers:

  • Tools to plan and monitor the nutrition of dairy cows at pasture and develop a grazing herd fertility service
  • Plan a grazing strategy
  • Monitor grassland utilisation
  • Select appropriate buffer feeds
  • Implement a seasonal fertility programme

“Feeding Fundamentals provides a practical approach to learning the basics of nutrition in all farming systems”