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Ultrasound in Bovine Fertility Management

sdcanDuration: One day
Equipment required: Delegates are asked to bring their own scanning machines

This course is ideal for new graduates and those who are in their early years of practice.

What is different about this course?

It offers training in a small group with a big practical element. You will relate scanning findings to treatment and client advice on farm.

What changes can delegates expect as a result of the course?

This course will add value to your fertility visits and increase the level of your work from the increasing presence of the techs/lay scanners and now even farmers.

Benefits to the Business?

Will get farmers to see the benefit of retaining the vet as a key part of fertility management, despite increasing applications of other technologies and synchronisation programs.

Course objectives: 

  • Set your machine up for the best quality image
  • Recognise what are true images and what are artefacts
  • Appreciate the many appearances of the corpus luteum
  • Combine images of the ovaries and uterus with other information to more accurately predict the stage of the cycle
  • Use all the information to give the best treatment and/or advice in the case of an ‘open’ cow
  • Diagnose early pregnancies and twins with confidence and appreciate the pitfalls in routine fertility work
  • Develop a sound approach to the management of uterine disease