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Exotic Birds & Reptiles

Duration: One day

Who simply MUST attend?macaw-2288700_640

This course is aimed at any vet that would like to become more confident when examining and treating exotic patients and is suitable for both experienced and new graduates alike.

What’s different about this course?

This course offers a practical component, it works through some case-based scenarios that vets will commonly encounter in practice and covers the more commonly presented exotic cases.

What changes can delegates expect as a result of the course?

Delegates can expect to become more confident in dealing with exotic patients and instill confidence in their exotic-owning clients.

What are the likely benefits to the business?

Exotic owners will frequently consult forums rather than vets because of their lack of faith in our knowledge. By undertaking this course, these clients are more likely to seek veterinary advice, improving their pet’s welfare and the practice’s turnover.

Programme overview:

The course is based on the British Veterinary Zoological Society’s first day competencies list.

By the end of the course, delegates should be able to:lizard-1522253_640

  • Identify, handle and examine common exotic cases.
  • Understand the husbandry, management and feeding of common exotic patients and how this can impact on welfare and disease.
  • Have knowledge of the common diseases, how to investigate and treat them.
  • Be confident in administering first aid, including when and how to euthanase.
  • Deliver safe anaesthesia and sedation.

This course comprises of both instructed and group learning, including practical elements, handling of live animals and case-based learning.