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Who simply MUST attend?

  • Anyone in a leading position who feels that they need skills and knowledge get more from their team, to understand their people better, and to manage their leadership energy.

    What is Different About This Course?
  • It is a unique blend of personal reflection, leadership theory, knowledge and frameworks for understanding and developing individuals and teams, practical leadership skills, and peer support, and integration of the delegates own leadership issues. The course content is adapted from day to day to suit the emerging needs and learning speeds and styles of the delegates.

    What changes can delegates expect as a result of the course?
  • Better understanding of the different ways in which people in their team approach their work life.
  • The confidence to lead people and to make decisions.
  • A deep understanding of how they relate to their team members, and the mental and emotional know-how to improve those relationships.
  • Coaching skills that will help get the best out of their team.
  • A shift in understanding about their role, from team member to leader, and the responsibilities and opportunities this affords.

    What Are the Likely Benefits to The Business?
  • More confident and skilled leaders who get more from their team.
  • Happier, more motivated staff.
  • Less conflict within staff teams.
  • Greater alignment of staff with the values and mission of the business.
  • Greater integration between different areas of the business.

    Programme Overview
    Objectives of the course are to enable delegates to
  • Day 1: Building the team. Understanding self and others through teamwork and psychological models. The psychology of communication
  • Day 2: Leadership Theory and practice. Understanding the functions and Styles of leadership and workplace application of skills and knowledge
  • Day 3: Reflection and feedback on how you have applied skills and knowledge in the workplace. Further leadership practice.
  • Day 4: Coaching. Theory and practice of coaching skills that will be used to get the best out of individual members of the team.
  • Day 5: Delegate led day. The opportunity for the delegates to set the agenda for the day from a range of options:
  • More coaching
  • Theory recap
  • Team problem solving
  • Action planning
  • Practical leadership practice

    Briefly the course comprises
  • Experiential learning: practical activities followed by reflection, feedback, the distillation of transferable skills
  • Pragmatic theory. Pieces of theory from leadership thinkers and psychological models that are brought to life with personal reflection, and related to the delegates own leadership scenarios
  • Feedback and support from co-delegates
  • Coaching practice with real-life leadership issues
  • Application of learning back in the workplace.

    Programme Dates
    Modules 1 and 2; 29th & 30th January 2019
    Module 3-5; 12th, 13th & 14th March 2019

    The cost of this course includes nights of accommodation require for the programme. Accommodation the night before the course or module starts can also be booked, however will be chargeable

    Additional Info

    Cost (inc. VAT): £1560.00
    Trainer: BRATHAY
    Start: 29 Jan 2019
    Finish: 14 Mar 2019
    Start Time: 9.00
    Duration: TBA
    Address: Tyndale Vets, Dursley, Gloucestershire

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