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Thriving in Practice- Employee workshop

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Price: £180.00

Who simply MUST attend?

  • This course is suitable for everyone in the practice

    What is Different About This Course?
  • The course addresses Thriving in Practice with an approach that focuses on providing useful skills and knowledge that can be utilised by individuals to help them increase their own overall wellbeing and positivity
  • It focuses on what YOU as an individual can do to look after yourself
  • It is packed with techniques and suggestions to help you find the ones that will work uniquely for you

    What Changes Can Delegates Expect As A Result Of The Course?
  • An increased sense of control over how they feel and how they interpret it
  • An opportunity to decrease personal anxiety
  • A much clearer picture of what is important to them and how little changes in everyday life can improve personal wellbeing
  • Increased empathy, understanding and comfort with mental health problems
  • A springboard for further discussions in relation to Thriving in Practice and how to move that forward for the individual practice

    What Are the Likely Benefits to The Business?
  • Increased engagement with Wellbeing
  • Increased personal responsibility for Wellbeing and increased likelihood of open communication about what is important to the individual
  • An opportunity for a more positive practice environment with increased mutual support and team focus

    Programme Overview
  • Understanding Wellbeing
  • When it goes wrong. What drives mental health problems and what to look out for
  • Techniques for increasing personal Wellbeing
  • Moving forward and next steps

    Course Objectives
  • Have a greater understanding around what constitutes Wellbeing
  • Be encouraged to take personal responsibility for own Wellbeing
  • Reduce stigma around mental health problems
  • Understand some of the drivers behind mental health problems
  • Have a clear list of possible actions to improve own life

    Additional Info

    Cost (inc. VAT): £180.00
    Trainer: Rosie Allister
    Date: 9 Jul 2018
    Start Time: TBA
    Duration: TBA
    Address: Paragon Veterinary Group, Carlisle House, Dalston, Cumbria, CA5 7JF

    Important Information: We have recently updated our Cancellation Policy. If you have any other questions please get in touch.