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Thriving in Practice- Leaders workshop

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Price: £270.00

Who simply MUST attend?

  • Any owners and leaders in veterinary practices who want to know more about wellbeing and mental health, how to create a culture that helps employees to thrive, and to feel confident in responding to employees experiencing stress or mental health problems.

    What is Different About This Course?
  • It forms part of the Thriving in Practice project and looks at mental health and wellbeing from a practical perspective: what you need to know, and what can you do to help. Its an opportunity to learn from each other and share good practice.

    What Changes Can Delegates Expect As A Result Of The Course?
  • It will increase your understanding of stress, mental health, and psychological wellbeing in practice.
  • Understand how, as a leader, you can identify and support employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • Help you create a plan focussed on building a thriving in practice culture.

    What Are the Likely Benefits to The Business?
  • One in four employees experiences mental health problems each year, and stress accounts for 40% of UK working days lost to ill health. Understanding workplace stress and common mental health concerns should have an impact on these figures which affect the bottom line of your business.

    Programme Overview
  • This programme is designed to help employers and leaders assess the risk factors for work-related stress within the context of veterinary practice and the development and implementation of a plan of action to reduce workplace stress and promote positive wellbeing using existing tools and resources as well as individual solutions.
  • This course will look at culture in a very practical way: what steps to take to develop a practice plan; what different needs practices might have; how to help individuals who are struggling in order to ensure that the practice plan is both comprehensive and authentic. This is a practical workshop session, with facilitated discussions, workshop exercises, case studies, and skills practice.

    Course Content
  • Awareness: identifying signs of stress and mental health problems in the work environment
  • Prevention of problems: techniques for creating and implementing a practice plan for positive mental health; and a review of the evidence for positive mental health, making reference to the XLVets Thriving in Practice Five Ways to Wellbeing petals and the additional resources available to XLVets members practices.
  • Mental health First Aid: techniques for immediate support.
  • Practical ways to offer ongoing support to colleagues experiencing stress or mental health concerns, with focus on skills, a compassionate response, and learning from what works.
  • Workplace strategies for ongoing support including responsibilities around reasonable adjustments, and signposting to employment and HR resources.
  • Considerations for the leader, including looking after yourself and the limits of a leaders responsibility.
  • The XLVets Thriving in Practice project will form the theme throughout the day and everything delegates learn will be put into that context in order that leaders focus on all team members within the practice.

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    Cost (inc. VAT): £270.00
    Trainer: Rosie Allister
    Date: 21 May 2018
    Start Time: TBA
    Duration: TBA
    Address: TBA

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