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Dairy Genetics

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Who simply MUST attend?

  • Those vets wishing to understand more about the fundamental role that genetics plays in herd health. It is imperative that vets working with dairy cattle have an understanding of the genetic potential of the herds that they are working with. This is vital when looking to set realistic targets and recognise when failures to harness genetic potential are occurring.

    What is Different About This Course?
  • This one day course specialises in giving vets the understanding and confidence they need to engage with their clients about dairy genetics. In an age where farmers have to contend with a massive amount of information and independent advice is a rare thing, vets are well placed to help farmers make breeding decisions that will directly affect health, welfare and productivity on their farm.
  • This course outlines the tools that can be used by vets to appraise a herd's current genetic base as well as help them to identify areas where an improvement through breeding would likely lead to an improvement in on farm performance.

    What Changes Can Delegates Expect As A Result Of The Course?
  • By the end of this one day course delegates are equipped with all the skills necessary to successfully align breeding objectives with herd health goals.

    What Are the Likely Benefits to The Business?
  • This course helps vets to build the skill set and confidence needed to offer genetics advice alongside routine herd health advice.

    Programme Overview
    Objectives of the course are to enable delegates to
  • Define genetic index and understand how different genetic indexes are calculated
  • Understand how genetic indexes are expressed and list those traits which may be included: production, health, welfare and fitness, management, type.
  • Define PLI: a genetic index for selection.
  • Understand the reliability of genetic indexes and how this can vary between different indexes, including an explanation of the genetic base, differing heritability values for different traits as well as conversion of genetic indexes from other countries.
  • Understand genomics and the value of both male and female genomic testing. Learn more about the benefits of female testing in both the pedigree and commercial herd. Understand why the use of genomics can expedite genetic gain.
  • Use working examples to understand all relevant parts of a bull proof as set out by Holstein UK
  • Discuss and explain the following concepts: inbreeding, crossbreeding, AI (sexed semen), ET/IVF, genetic defects.
  • Understand linear assessment: carry out some on farm scoring.
  • Understand the importance of setting breeding goals at a herd specific level. Visit a farm and work through a real life scenario to define the strategy needed to achieve these goals.
  • Gain the necessary knowledge to start to building genetics advice into what your practice offers.

    Additional Info

    Cost (inc. VAT): £300.00
    Trainer: Neil Eastham
    Date: 13 Nov 2018
    Start Time: 10:00
    Duration: 6 Hours
    Address: Lambert, Leonard & May, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4AQ

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